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I JUST WANT TO MEET DEMI LOVATO. THATS ALL. ON Tuesday, 26 March 2013 AT 02:10

Annyeonghasayo. Finally Demi Lovato already came to Malaysia. For someone that cam to #ttalive haritu, mesti dorang balik dengan muka yang ceria. Even I didn't come to #ttalive I can feel their happiness when they see Demi Lovato. I can't deny it. I really really get jealous when I see their tweets abput #ttalive . I mean I really wanted to meet Demi. She is my idol. I've been waiting it for 5 years I guess.

And today I see a  Malaysian girl that upload pictures of she and Demi . I cried. Yes I cried. I really get jealous. I mean. I want to stand beside Demi. But you know. Sometimes we can't get everything that we want in our life. Nama pun lumrah kan? :') Then I visit her blog and she said about Demi. How she got to meet Demi. It was fun to read her entry. Ya, when I read her entry on her blog about Demi. I got that feeling.. We will feel happy and excited when we know that we'll meet our idol. I mean, who doesn't right? ;)


Even though I feel sad beacuse I can't meet Demi, I feel happy for those that got to meet Demi. Lucky them :') I still hoping that Demi Lovato will visit Malaysia in this year again. Demi! I'm waiting. Loveyou :* Assalamualaikum everyone!

NotaKAKI : Learning to speak English well. Oh well. Hahaha :P